Brookfield Dance Academy

Dance is fun! Have you heard:

  • Dance provides a wonderful link between a child’s early play and the more structured requirements of school.
  • Dance enhances a child’s physical, intellectual, aesthetic, and social development.
  • Dance provides opportunities to develop the imagination, and encourages children to co-operate, develop friendships, and appreciate their own abilities as well as their classmates’ abilities;
  • Dance fosters important relationships with sound, music, auditory and physical patterns.

BDA provides professional dance training to students ages 2 - 18 years. We offer a structured curriculum designed to teach excellent dance technique and form, while promoting strength and flexibility; encouraging commitment; instilling grace; and fostering a life long love and appreciation of dance.

Take a look at our programs!

Tippy Toes - Ages 2 to 5

Academy Dance - Ages 5 to 18

Russian Ballet - Ages 7 to 18

Competition Teams - Ages 5 -18

Specialty Classes - Ages 5 -18

Circus & Aerial Arts - Ages 7 +





2945 N. Brookfield Road | Brookfield, WI 53045
Studio Phone: (262) 278-7122